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5 Key Takeaways from Intelligent Content Conference 2016

April 1, 2016

by Shelly Maxwell

When you come back from a conference, you spend a lot of time talking with your co-workers about the sessions you attended, the network you made, and how good the food was.

It’s really easy to get distracted by the cool new toy that was presented or implementing a brilliant idea from a presenter–which are both great outcomes from a conference. But what’s most important to share with your team are the big ideas. Taking a step back and looking at the overall theme of a conference can generate valuable lessons for you and your team back home.

This perspective forces you to examine the relationships among sessions and the continuity in the keynote speeches, and it hopefully leads you to the answer to the question bosses often ask: “Why did we send you to this event in the first place?” You better have a pretty good answer if you want to go to the next conference in Vegas or Miami 😉

So, I attempted to deliver that bird’s eye view of the Content Marketing Institute’s Intelligent Content Conference of 2016.

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